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Ricky Chavez

Ricky Chavez

Take On Faith – October 31, 2020 KTAL-LP 101.5 FM

Rick Chavez grew up as a Catholic. He later decided to become an atheist. Formerly, a founding host of Take On Faith, he now works as a high school teacher in Bloomington, Indiana. He discussed his faith identity growing up Catholic and its positive influences on his life. Chavez now lives as an atheist after deciding the church’s teachings no longer made sense to him.

Other influences

Ricky Chavez married a Palestinian-born woman, who considers herself agnostic. Now Chavez lives a life marked by inclusion. He serves as an “agent” for Recovering From Religion. The organization’s mission is helping people deal with the aftermath of religion-based trauma. During the radio program, Ricky Chavez discussed his conversion to atheism with host, Xolani Kacela, or revdrxk.

Ricky Chavez can be reached at rchavezlsc@gmail.com.

Listen to the radio broadcast by clicking the audio above.

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