Stop Anxiety In Its Tracks: Get Control Over Anxiey And Discover More Purpose In Your Life Now

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This course provides students with a working understanding of anxiety, it major components, and real-life tools for living with peace and purpose. Created for busy, on-the-go people, it offers a condensed, easy-paced course structure. It is not complicated. The content is perfect for persons who don't want to overthink what is happening to them.

The distinct advantage of this course is its brevity and concise approach. You do not need to spend endless hours online watching content or taking lecture notes. This course is streamlined into six lessons are to the point. No need to worry about having a short attention span.

Most of the lesson are under five minutes. Each lesson has practical material that you can use in your daily life right away.

Lesson 1 deals with the definition of anxiety and how to recognize the external factors.

Lesson 2 offers a practical way to manage your time every day in order to minimize feeling overwhelmed.

Lesson 3 discusses how fear increases anxiety.

Lesson 4 breaks down the six stages of anxiety so you'll know where you are.

Lesson 5 offers a strategy for developing good habits and eliminating bad habits.

Lesson 6 teaches you how to create peace of mind and find your purpose.

The course wraps up with a capstone project that will help you discover your personal mission in life.


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  • 9 Lessons
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  • 6h Duration
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  1. Overview
  2. Lesson #1 - What Is Anxiety, Its Roots Causes, And How It Shows Up In Your Life
  3. Lesson #2 - Adding Structure To Your Daily Routine
  4. Lesson #3 - Understanding F-E-A-R, Its Role In Anxiety, And How To Overcome It
  5. Lesson #4 The Six Stages Of Anxiety And How To Manage Yourself At Each Stage
  6. Lesson #4 - The Six Stages Of Anxiety And How To Manage Yourself At Each Stage
  7. Lesson #5 - Developing Habits That Enable You To Be Your Best Self
  8. Lesson #6 - Strategies For Finding Peace And Purpose In Your Life
Capstone Project
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  1. Creating Your Personal Mission Statement
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